SKY DANCER (Anna's Story)

"I want to fly these beautiful birds as far as they will take me"

Amelia Earhart

Anna is a class 1 aerobatic instructor. She flies airshows from the Pacific to the Atlantic, runs a charter operation and a flight school, teaches commercial and aerobatic pilots and instructors. Anna was born in Ukraine and after several years of living in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil, moved to Canada in 2009 to make it her home. In her other life, Anna has a PhD in financial mathematics and speaks fluently seven languages. But her passion for flying lifts her away from the daily routine into the sky with a three-dimensional freedom. The one she calls "Sky Dancing". 

And for being up there, Anna is grateful to God, her partner, inspiration and supporter Peter, and the most amazing pilot, coach and master Bud Granley, by whom Anna had the privilege to be coached and mentored.

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Did you fly since you were a child? No, I actually started flying relatively late, after already having my degrees, career and business. To be more precise, even when i was just considering flying, my mom told me "not even think about it" (she might have known where it might end ;) ), and after i got my license, i got a firm promise of my father that "nothing will make him get in the plane with me". But since i did my first flight, i could not stop, and especially my first year of flying and training, i literally lived at the airport. Since my first flight, it took me only one year to become a flight instructor.

How did you get into flying? I loved travelling, and i wanted to have my own plane to travel around the world. Initially, it was just an idea of getting to places. But when i went for my first flight, i fell in love with the art of flying.

How did you get into aerobatics? I was quite apprehensive, even as an instructor, to get into unusual attitudes with the plane. I was forcing myself to do spins with students - this is a part of mandatory training of pilots in Canada. It was not until several hundred hours of flying later that i went for my first aerobatic flight. And it was the love from the first sight! About 6 weeks later (and lots of upside down flying), I already became an aerobatic instructor.

How did you get into airshows? It was my first year of flying, and i had my fresh PPL. Accidentally, i happened to be at the airport the day of Boundary Bay airshow. I saw someone doing aerobatics, and I promised myself "Next year, I'm gonna be up there". It actually took me three years to get "up there" - but it's ok :)